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Drawing on our experience with a diverse group of industries, we are able to provide practical and economically sensible advice to inventors and new businesses.
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We provide a broad range of corporate legal services, from startup counseling and general corporate or LLC matters to complex IP ownership issues.
If you have potential investors or are looking for investors, we can assist you with selecting the forming the appropriate business entity as well as preparing the necessary documents to take on investors.
Selling or Buying a Business
If you are selling or buying a business or franchise, we can guide you through the process and assist with the required due diligence.
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Patent attorneys need to understand your business goals as well as they understand your invention. A good Patent or IP attorney can form a strategy for structuring your business so you will be ready to meet your desired goals.
Frequently Asked Questions
We Answer Your Business Law Questions
There are many different corporate forms available under Alabama law, such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Generally speaking, the main advantage of a corporation is that its officers are shielded from personal liability. Partnerships offer a more simplified and advantageous tax structure, but with personal exposure from the business. The limited liability company can be viewed as a hybrid of the two, offering the tax advantages of a partnership along with the personal liability protection of a corporation.
If you are operating under any name other than your legal name, then you need to file for a fictitious name also known as a d/b/a.
C corporation is subject to the double taxation, where the corporation is taxed once on its profits, and then if any shareholder dividends are issued, the shareholders are then taxed on receipt of those dividends as personal income.

With an S corporation, however, all of the profits and losses of the corporation flow down to the shareholder level where the money is only taxed once.

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